Feature: More Natural Hairstyles


The black hair styles are VERY limited. I’d like to see natural hair in a bun, natural hair in a puff, ect. Here are some ideas:






Love this post so Episode can see!




S.U.P.P.O.R.T!!! All the way!




SUPPORT!!! I would LOVE to see more hairstyles like this!!!


Support! These would be awesome to see in episode!




Support! :raised_hands:t5:


I support but I feel like there are gonna be those people that will use these on non-POC or white characters and be like: “You don’t own the hair.” “Episode put these hairstyles in for everyone to use” “We can use these on any type of character, stop discriminating.” :roll_eyes: Even if we do explain they aren’t going to listen. I just a little hesitant about it.


This topic is to show your support. Let’s please stay on topic. Thanks.



These types of hairstyles have already been suggested in several different topics. :smiley:

Feel free to visit these threads to show your support! :grin: