FEATURE: more props already in the animation

that is much easier please support me. I mean by that that the prop is already in the animation, that you don’t have to add it separately, I hate those red cups, you drink champagne but if you really want to drink it is a red cub Or you are in a decent coffee shop you have a decent coffee before you and when you drink it is a plastic one from the street


Props are the easier option. Instead of reworking the whole animation, we just add a prop to it :slight_smile:

Then more props you ask champagne and you have to drink out a red cup that makes no sense …

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Unless your at a house party and that’s the only option :laughing:

that is the only option were you can use them.

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no it’s not. Just be creative.

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It would be more attractive for new writers why does the coding alsways has to be so difficult x