FEATURE: More realistic character generators!

Episode should revamp the character generator so that skin colors are attached to a matching natural lip color, brow color matches the hair color, no fang teeth or unnatural eye colors, & non-POC don’t get cultural hairstyles. Only 5% of the generated characters make sense, and 95% of the time I get abominations like this…

image image


Pffffft. :skull:

I never use the randomizer so I had no idea that results turn out like well, those. So, support!


I had multiple horses and really f*cked up characters when i used the generator lol


Support! I wouldn’t mind if they occasionally gave characters like that with miss match lip colour/skin tone & hair colour since some people are like that in reality but thats not how they do it. The characters pretty much ALWAYS have miss matched appearances (:


Support! Seriously, these are the characters that were… less than helpful for my story


Definitely support!!! I really wanna use it but not when the characters come out unnatural 🥲

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Honestly though, support :woman_facepalming:t3:

Umm… maybe I’m blind or something but-
We have a character randomizer?! Is that a new feature?!

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Support! The generator is awful but super hilarious too

You basically code non-existant characters in the portal, then save, and it will show up.

It never happened to me though I had miraculously realistic characters

This comment was too real…

Oh! Okay, I know what that is, thanks!
I thought I had some serious eye issue :rofl: