FEATURE: More warnings and errors for Overlays

Hey so generally in the portal there are a few quirks that exist with using overlays. I think the old, you have to specify a spot for the overlay if you want it to move in mobile previewer thing has been fixed but idk.
But generally if there could be more errors and warnings for overlays that would be nice. I also know that like sometimes if you have too many overlays listed in a scene underneath the bg title instead of in the same line as the bg title some just like straight up won’t work.
Also you can’t use overlays with certain bgs like INT. BLACK - DAY and I think the night one too. I don’t know if this applies with any of the other color bgs.
Also when it comes to making an overlays opacity 0 in 0 it’s not truely “in 0” you can still see the overlays right before they disappear it’s not like when you have a character appear at a spot right away or change clothes right away or any of the other stuff that actually happens instantly
But basically if we could get more error messages with overlay use and more specifically more warnings I think that would help a lot with the frustration of using overlays bc generally there are just a bunch of quirks you have to search through the forum to learn.


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