FEATURE : Moving Characters Between Stories


I loved this suggestion on the old forums. I doubt I need to explain.

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Maybe you have a character you want to move to a new story, like a series?

Maybe you want to move a character over because you have mistakes in the first script?

Maybe you want to idk

How do I keep existing characters choices from book 1 to book 2
FEATURE: Create New Season button

Yes!! Fully support!


We have many new members of the forums that were not part of the old forums. So if you could kindly please include an explanation in your op thread regarding the request it would be very helpful. Thanks!


Or like in demi, they made 3 stories with the same character and choices.


BUMP I want this badllyyyy


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(please I need this . . . don’t make me remake like . . . 60 characters . . . anything episode . . . i’d do anything . . .)


S U P P O R T !


I am willing to pay to have this implemented please