FEATURE: Multi-Uploader for Overlays & Backgrounds

I don’t know if anyone else finds it quite tedious, but it makes no sense to me why we can only upload one overlay or background at a time. I uploaded 72 overlays last night and it really is very time-consuming. So I’d like to see a multi-uploader so that we could upload a stack of files at a time. Preferably with at least 5 file slots available. So you would select your 5 files (and name them) and then you’d click upload and they would all be sent over. So much easier.

Please like if you support this, so that it will get noticed by administrators.






Thank you so much! :purple_heart: I hope others will be able to see the benefits as well.


Agree. Let’s hope they notice it. It’s probably better if episode makes a catalog of approved backgrounds and overlays (example - episode life , smg backgrounds ). So that users can select from the existing pool of approved backgrounds. That would be so much better.


Definitely support this, it takes so long to upload them.:blush::two_hearts:


If you would like to check , I made a thread based on my comment. Please like and Support.!.
New catalog for community background and overlays.


Definitely support this! It is tedious to do so!

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I’m not sure a catalog is feasible but an uploader would be. A catalog gets into a murky area that I don’t know if episode wants to be involved in. An uploader would just change the one open slot into many. :blush:

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bump, please like the original post if you support this to get it noticed.

Support! IT really helps when your uploading frames! But, with frames, definitely need folders… :frowning:


Thank you for supporting. It would make things much easier and more efficient. I definitely agree that more organization is neeed too. :blush:

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Imagine having a gif that has like, 200 slides and uploading them.
One. By. One.

Oh that would be dreadful :fearful:

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Ugh, it would. I’d probably cry. :anguished:


Please like the original post if you support this.

um, get a painting software and make the background 642 x 1136 or 1280 x 1136, 1920 x 1136 and draw, paint, or resize the backfround to one of those sizes and then go to the background catolags andgo to the drop down bar that says backgrounds available to everyone and click on the one that sys something lile “Your backgrounds” and then click the upload button and them click on the ones that you want to upplod and then upload them into the background catolog

Support :purple_heart:

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