FEATURE: Nail Color


We should be able to costumize the color of nails of our characters!!!


If you mean as in a way to distinguish the characters (preps, mean girls, business people, beauty gurus, celebrities, etc.) in a story, then I support.






But we wouldn’t be able to see them that well unless we had a close up…right? :sweat_smile:
However, this update sounds nice, and as long as there is an option not to have any nail polish chosen (some people may not like nail polish and would therefore, choose not to apply it on), then it sounds good to me.


More work to add into a CC template :joy:
But it would be cool :wink:


support all the way! :100:


It’d be a cool way to distinguish 2 twins, wouldn’t it?! :smiley: It’d be Great!!


You should try to make an overlay for the nail colour since you can make an overlay for blush then maybe it might work :grin: STILL LOTS OF SUPPORT.