FEATURE: Natural multi-colored (Pink and black-purplish black/brownish pinkish purplish) lips for black people

The girl on the left has natural black lips.

might be lipstick, but at least it’s accurate.

This is the color of my lips.

the one on the the left of the photo
why do these always show lipstick? I’m proud of my black and multi-colored lips! Besides this nose, these are one of my loveded features, thank you very much! image these too, including the top lip part.

Honestly, I love lipstick but I want my natural lips on episode! I mean, i don’t mind, animators NEVER put those kind of lips on tv because they think they can never happen! I want to put them in my animations, I want them on tv! I want a character that never wears make up as a woman on tv and that shows these natural lips and their natural beauty like…come on! No hate on girls that wear make-up, just saying!

IT’s basically where your gums sort’ve ride up on your lips, I love mine!

![image|333x500]image image (upload://uZyhZtct4a28W4gBOl0ROwFZKcB.jpeg) it isn’t easy to find natural lips likethese withoutfinding some:WEAR LIPSTICK BLAHHHHHHHHH

even the top lips. image ![image|690x388] (upload://sKvPBsXWoRvVShasPf5IBFigNji.jpeg) ink has the darker top but lighter bottom but the pink kinda also is in the top part too and dark is mostly shown on both sides




This is very much needed. Support!


I need natrual lips i dont wear makeup(though i like the black gloss on my character i wish for real natrual lips)


t these are my lips

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They should add that in, idk why not.

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It’ll look nice and realistic.

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Theres never any “natrual” lip colors that look like that mine are similar n.n

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Still need this