FEATURE: Navigating Throughout Stories

Have you ever missed something important in an Episode Story because you either tapped too fast or weren’t paying attention? I had an idea where maybe you could have an option to navigate throughout a chapter. For example, you could replay a certain scene. Also, for people who do video edits, it would be easier to take screenshots.

Please like this thread if you support!

NOTE: This was just an idea that came to my mind and I understand it might cause other problems to the app.


Also, maybe in the writer portal when creating a scene you name it and then when going back to certain scenes in the app you can go to each scene and it has the name of the scene instead of the name of the background or something (hopefully I made some sense :sweat_smile:)


I really support this because it happened to me sooo FREAKING MANY TIMES !!! And I kinda had the same idea :joy: