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I don’t want to sound rude but can anyone give me names that African Americans may have?

male or female? or both


Anjawon Wilkerson (male)
Labron Mccoy (male)
Zalen Battle (male)
Kendasha Morgan (female)
Catlynne Hudson (female)
Arkell Woodard (male)
Mequashia Hamilton (female)
Tyndall Ross (male)
Dayjane Brooks (female)
Devon Hunt (female)
Ayren Long (male)
Xaranda Ray (female)
Rahil Cannon (male)
Zhaniece Wilson (female)
Nakala Oneal (female)

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Female Names

Rashanique Griffin
Ahanti Knight
Cearra Francis
Yahoska Owens
Stylisha Fowler
Lenecia Anthony
Jorrie Wade
Kileyna Turner
Athena Rice
Tehilalla Mcneil

Male Names

Orien Wells
Johntey Patton
Linzell Terry
Purcell Willis
Dashonte Saunders
Nemiah Morton
Johntey Prince
Quantell Allen
Yajeel Dunn
Ezrah Harvey

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oh my my i need someone to help me pronounce i feel bad for not knowing how to say the names

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