FEATURE : New App just for Authors (For eg : Episode Creator App)



I think it’s important for episode authors to get convenient support and help for writing the stories. It would be helpful if we have an app for authors where they have one stop for all their needs.

Lately mobile creations is getting popular and many authors are willing to write through mobile creations. But it has limited direction tools and backgrounds. I have seen many threads requesting on mobile Creations updates, oufits coustomisations etc.

Having a separate app can help in devolpment of mobile creations and any other stuff can be additional to the app.

So, I think it’s necessary to pay more attention to episode authors and make an app for episode Creations, it may include.


  1. Pool of Approved User’s background that are once Approved by episode. Example - episodelife and smg backgrounds etc (credits of course)

2.Similarly, Approved overlays.

  1. Creators corner.

  2. Direction tips etc.

  3. Character edits,cover edits and outfit edit requests.

  4. Tutorials etc

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I surely support this idea. Mobile is portable and hence it would be much more easier than opening our PC every time


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I support this. And I think that the app should also be easy to navigate as well.


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