FEATURE : New App just for Authors (For eg : Episode Creator App)



You’re welcome! I fully agree with this feature :wink:


Let’s hope they notice what we need and do this at earliest. This would be a great help to directors.


Yup! And for the mobile creation of my story to not be so messed up (our stories, I mean)


Support all the way! Haven’t made a story because it’s too difficult. An app would make it way easier.


Yes, I have tried creating in the mobile creation and it didn’t come out well!


Agreed! It would help even authors using writers portal with the given features.


Tysm for supporting !




Tysm for supporting! :smile:


I know I am late but SUPPORT !


Support! Dunno if I have already supported, but oh well :sweat_smile:


SUPPORT that is a great idea


Tysm !! :heart_decoration::heart_decoration:


Tysm :heart_decoration::heart_decoration:


as a fellow mobile creator, SUPPORTTTTTT!!!


Tysm!!! :heart::heart::heart:


yeeeesss !!




totally support that!


If Episode was to ever implement this, I’m sure it will take a while, but I still support this. I’d be willing to wait if it means move convenience for everyone.