FEATURE : New App just for Authors (For eg : Episode Creator App)



Tysm :grin::grin:


Agreed, I understand that implementing this might take time but it’s going to be so much better for creators, It saves time for both approval team and Authors and timely updates etc.
It makes stuff so much easier!




Tysm :grin::grin:




Support! :grin::wink:




I support this,very much
Mobile phone is more convenient and having another application for episode creators is a very good idea


SUPPORT ! good idea




Thank you for supporting! :slight_smile::blush::blush:


Thank you :innocent:


Can I ask you something? I want to be able to continuously edit outfits through portal in a mobile creation


OMG you are so right I would love to have more backgrounds and animations so the people who want to read can have a better reading experience :v::+1::hugs:


thank you! SUPPORTT

I mean yeah we can great but they put everything to its minimum and we should be able to make our own outfits, be able to choose which kind of style and tons of more animations. Also overlays sound etc.


You mean like an ultimate outfit creator, wow, that sounds like a great idea. Our very own Fashion Blogger :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Thank you all for awesome suggestions and support. I will definitely edit the post to accommodate your suggestions! You are all amazing!! :hugs::hugs::hugs::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


Can it be done? Or is it in existence? I just need to be able to change outfits constantly in mobile creation, tell me how to do it am bored with already made outfit there and also animations


And yes also something not only in writers portal am sick of that site nothing is working there for me. I just like mobile creation.


They dont have the provision now, but you can coustomise your avatar in your profile of episode, but there are limited outfits, I guess you can just screenshot them. I hope episode implements this!