Feature: New clothing, drop down bar

I think it would be useful in finding the new clothes that come out. In the drop-down bar where it says dresses, pants, shirts, etc. It should also have a section for all the new clothing. It would be easier to see what’s new to use than having to go through and search for them.


There is…
You can just change it from newest… to most recently updated.
Most recently updated makes all brand new update stuff appear.

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It’s not a filter but it’s how clothes are sorted by!

I guess but it’s still really easy to get them all up with that… Plus if she/he is talking about seeing specific types of clothing at a time e.g. just new dresses then they can put the dress filter on with the most recently updated thing

just change the first drop down menu to “recently updated” & that’ll be newest first.

The issue is that it isn’t just was was newly released. If they’ve fixed any other clothing recently, it will appear there too. But…

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