FEATURE: New main category Guidelines

We’re still missing the Main Category: Guidelines.

It’s weird that the guidelines posted are in Styles + Art Updates.

Thanks for listening :kissing_heart::wink::smiley:


It’s posted under the Announcements, Styles + Art Updates.

It is about the appearance of characters - art. Therefore, it would not fit any of the other announcement categories.

Are you suggesting they make a new category called Guildlines? If so, they have all the rules on the website, which hopefully have both been updated so they match.


Yes, I suggest that all guidelines posts are moved into new main category Guidelines, because they have nothing to do with art releases.

We currently have enough sub categories but will notate that this has been requested. It’s pretty simple to type “guidelines” in the search bar and pull up all of them instantly. :cowboy_hat_face:

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Typing to search is additional job and too frustrating :joy: I’m old Jeremy, I like everything simple :joy:

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