FEATURE: New Version BETTER than Full Character Display?


So I was thinking about Episode after playing TellTale’s The Walking Dead: The Final Season Episode 1 and thought: What if after Episode finishes up with Limelight they could add a version better than Full Character Display? I mean they couldn’t just stop, could they? So I thought about this: What if they made a version like TellTale’s New Walking Dead Game? Like a walk around game? It may not be like that, BUT this is going to be a long article about all the features in this possible feature.

Feature #1: Interactive Talking.

I am easily aware this is already possible, but, in this style, it could possibly have a new command to make it UNIQUE to any other style. You could use a command to talk like this:

“So, gonna play it hard, huh?”{

“Wanna maybe stay silent?”{

“I, too, am a ninja.”(I’m sorry, I had to.){


And then if you used this command, the choice would look like this:


Of course, the letters wouldn’t be there and it certainly wouldn’t look like that, but the image was the only one I could find on the internet of the choice bar.

Feature #2: Remember Choices Enhancement.

This may seem difficult to understand, but it is just the equivalent of my last feature idea instead this time, to save the options you want to save for later, you use a command like this:

“So, gonna play it hard, huh?”{

LEE (talk_handsonhips_angry_no)
So, gonna play it hard, huh?

gainimportant chose_hysterical

“Wanna maybe stay silent?”{

LEE (talk_shush_whisper_angry)
Wanna maybe stay silent?
We are supposed to be hiding from the government right now!

gainimportant chose_anger

“I, too, am a ninja.”(I’m sorry, I had to.){

LEE (talk_ninja_playful)
I too am a ninja.

gainimportant chose_playful


LEE (idle_shake_head_no)

gainimportant chose_silence


Of course, you wouldn’t use this EVERYTIME you were making a choice, only use the "gainimportant"s when you want to use it to show it in the ending statistics.

Feature #3: New Clothes, and art Improvement.

Ok, so I’m not the best clothist, but this:

Definitely looks better than this:

So what I’m proposing is that Episode could make an art change in the new style that makes the characters look more like this:

Instead of this:

Also, the clothes could be improved. And maybe, if we are lucky if this comes out, they could an option in the episode portal to turn on or off an option called: Physics. What this means is basically if Physics is turned on, then the characters’ hair will move due to an amount of wind you can control with a command. If you do this, it should look something like this:

@wind is breezy

“So, how have you been?”{

CLEMENTINE (sit_bridge_talk_handraise)
So, how have you been?

“What’s that scar on your face?”{

CLEMENTINE (sit_bridge_talk_ask)
You know, I’ve been meaning to ask you.
Not to be rude, but,
What’s that scar on your face?


CLEMENTINE (sit_bridge_lookleft_dissapointed)

“The wind is breezy, right?”{

CLEMENTINE (sit_bridge_talk_nervous)
The wind is breezy, am I right, goofball?

@wind is stormy

ALVIN JUNIOR (standup_yell_worried)
We’ve got to get out of here, Clementine!
It’s too windy!


Which could lead to our last feature:

Feature #4: New Animations.

So we have a LOT of animations in every animation style, each better than the last. But here’s a list of animations they could add to this new style:

1: Female AND Male: talk_handsinfront_worried

2: Female AND Male: talk_holdbag_handsup

3: Female AND Male: talk_holdgun_calm

4: Female AND Male: talk_holdgun_checkbag

5: Female AND Male: talk_pointgun_directionleft

6: Female AND Male: talk_pointgun_directionright

7: Female AND Male: idle_cock_grenade

8: Female AND Male: throw_cock_grenade

9: Female AND Male: idle_smoke_holdgun_directionleft

10: Female AND Male: idle_smoke_holdgun_directionright

11: Female AND Male: react_grenade_thrown_atyou

12: Female AND Male: react_war_cry

13: Female AND Male: sit_bridge_talk_ask

14: Female AND Male: standup_yell_worried

15: Female AND Male: sit_bridge_talk_nervous

16: Female AND Male: sit_bridge_lookleft_dissapointed

17: Female AND Male: sit_bridge_lookright_dissapointed

18: Female AND Male: sit_bridge_talk_ask

19: Female AND Male: sit_bridge_talk_handraise

Female Only Now:

1: idle_brushhair_admire

2: react_dropbag_panic

3: react_gundraw_panic

4: react_gundraw_panic_messup

Male Only Now:

1: react_gundraw_shootleft

2: react_gundraw_shootright

3: react_gundraw_shootleft_messup

4: react_gundraw_shootright_messup




Not to be rude or anything but do you realize how much money and time it takes to make games like that? I would absolutely love this in the game but I don’t think Episode will be able to do something like this. Especially since I don’t think people on the Episode team are skilled like this. Plus the coding for our stories will be 10 times harder to do and understand.


It is not at easy as you think. The game designers who make the styles and everything.
Hypothetically speaking, what if they aren’t specialized to do that? It would be hard.


I’m not a programmer but I don’t think that Episode uses the same kind of programming and coding like these virtual simulation gaming companies do and we haven’t even considered the budget, so it wouldn’t be easy for them to do.

Let’s not forget, Episode users aren’t just readers or gamers, there are writers who take part in coding a story also. Imagine the work that would be.


I understand where you’re getting at, I do. I too love twd game very much so I’m glad you’re using it as an example but…what you want isn’t a new format or coding system for Episode, it’s a whole other game from Pocket Gems. And with all that they’re still developing for Episode atm, I don’t think this is even nearly possible. c:


so basically you want to make episode like the walking dead? episode has their own style they dont need to be stealing/barrowing styles. even interactive games like episode have different styles :woman_shrugging:


I forgot to mention in the topic box that it wouldn’t be 3D and wouldn’t be exactly like the pictures, but would be unique in it’s OWN way. It could updated, but not to the point where it’s stealing a style.


I LOVE the walking dead! You should watch the final season because you tubers are playing it now :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

Some crappy images from the new season play through: :joy::heart_eyes:


Still, it will take a lot of time and I’m pretty sure that every other art style would be abandoned to work on the new one.


I hope for your sake that there isn’t any spoiler from the last game or I’m gonna hunt you down.


Oh shit


I’m going to lurk now… :joy:


I did play the new season and it was AMAZING! I almost thought Clementine was gonna die in episode 1 when i was the playing the part of that first picture.


Yeah! So surprised!! Poor Brody :sob:





I hate all of you ;-;


I ship Louis and Clem. Louintine.


I like violet and Clem more because clem SHOULD NOT HAVE A BOYFRIEND :joy:


Violet would treat her better :heart_eyes:


Sorry dude it’s been out for a while you should go watch/play :joy: