FEATURE: Next style after Limelight- Bodytypes

@Minoesje came up with this idea in another thread discussing what styles might come after Limelight. We’ve had Classic, Ink, Limelight and I was curious what would surface next…
Minoesje suggested an entire new style dedicated to making new bodytypes. I think the next style must include multiple body types! Being able to change the weight, height, and even body shape of the characters is vital to many stories for realism and creativity as well as inclusive storylines.
I sincerely believe this is a fantastic idea! Especially since there will be no new updates to Ink, and limelight doesn’t seem to be heading in the direction of body types.
A new style, a new inclusive range of bodies.

Minoesje I’ll be the first to say

(They weren’t sure how to make a feature topic so I offered to for them)


I did hear that they have been talking and trying to produce more body types. However the process with take a long time because they have to make clothes for every body type and probably it’s on list of selections for them. The process to send these out may be a long one. They said this late last years that they worked on it for four months prior and estimated it probably May or later this year. That’s if they get to complete it.

It was on their instagram @ episodecreators/ @ episode.

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