FEATURE: No more anonymous fanmail

There’s a lot of mean, nasty and generally awful people that hide behind the anonymity that fanmail gives them to say whatever they want. This is why most authors turn their fanmail off. Thee current system permits bullying. And even if they leave thier username the same, or change it. You can still never find the person who sent it. Making it anonymous.

You should at the very least be able to choose whether or not you get anonymous messages.


Maybe a report button that reports the bullying. Like Instagram has or something like that.


I actually have a story and there is in fact a report button next to the fanmail.


They have one but dont follow up with you on your reports and because it’s anonymous there’s no way of knowing if anything was ever done about it. They can just easily continue on to bully and harass others with the current system.


So you want them to show our names?

No it already does that, if you choose not to change it. I mean an actual link back to the profile

I don’t really see the problem.

Couldn’t that lead to harassing witch-hunts, especially if the author has a large fanbase?

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No? You literally can’t message people on episode unless it’s through fanmail. I mention having the link back to the profile so you can see if anything is even done about the harasement / hate messages sent. And the fact that you can change the name now just makes it even worse. People typically don’t attack others when their name and face are attached to it.

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Well, a lot of people link to their Instagrams in their episode profile.
But you’re right, it might decrease the severity of hatemail.

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If people who are attacking and sending hate mail have their instas mentioned on episode account then that would also help to stop the harassment bc them authors can easily block them from their own account. And it would only involve others if the hatemail is actually shared, which people rarely do compared to the amount received. And people sending hatemail / harassing others are not my priority when it comes to internet safety. I’m suggesting this to protect the authors, not online bullies, homophobes, racists and trolls.

You can report them, I really don’t see your point tbh.

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My point is that you “report” them and there’s no follow up so there’s no way of knowing if anything is actually done. And if you don’t see my point, why are you here?

They usually leave a message after you report something like…

Your issue is being taken care of.

I don’t have to see your point to be on a thread.

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But why are you arguing with me when you don’t get what I’m saying? I’ve already explained my point and if you don’t get it, re-read. This is my last time explaining this

  1. People changing their names and sending fanmail + not having it linked to their account make fanmail anonymous.
  • Anonymous fanmail is a breading ground for hate messages / hate speech and harassment. I’ve had people message me through different names thinking that I had no way of knowing it’s the same person. This is a problem because it gives them the confidence to post hate and keep doing so.
  1. I can block them from sending me fanmail but “Your issue isn being taken care of.” is as reassuring as their new bullying policy is. There’s no follow up after this. I can’t even see if there account is gone or still active or anything.

  2. I want to know what happens if they actually do take action against the harassers and I think it should bee public knowledge, because if I’m getting hate speech for one thing, I’m sure many others are as well.

  3. To reiterate my point and spell it out. Anonymous mail, which is the current system, leads to a lot of hatemail / hate speech being shared. Because as far as they know, it’s not linked to them. Therefore authors should at least be able to choose if they receive anonymous mail or not. The current system does not allow this. It only allows you to turn fanmail completely off which is what most people do after they’ve been bullied to the extent of not even wanting fanmail due to being afraid of the messages they get. This is a problem. A common one.

Well it seems like you have a lot of things you want to have to be taken care of. Instead of giving me an entire paragraph which I allow read half of, put the paragraph on the OG Post.

Goodbye, I was just stating my point and what I didn’t understand.

It’s explained on the OG post. It’s just not spelled out, but you didn’t even want to read that comment, why should I expect you to read it in the original post?

Who is talking about I? Worry about the other ppl that comes on this thread other than me.

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Again. It is explained in the original post.