FEATURE: No More Chapter Re-Reads When Updating Story

Let’s get the option to choose whether we want our readers to re-read a chapter or not when we update our story.

I know we all hate when we have to re-read an entire chapter because the author made a minor fix. It’s frustrating for readers; it’s frustrating for authors; it’s just frustrating for everyone!

For authors, it’s almost rare to publish a chapter with zero mistakes. Sometimes the spot placement for characters or overlays is messed up, or maybe there’s misspelled words in the dialogue. Whatever the case is, you cannot just ignore the problem. YOU NEED TO FIX IT! But by fixing it, now your readers will have to re-read that whole chapter and it is extremely annoying for them.

When we click on the update button, an option should come up to have readers move on or re-read the chapter we fixed. Choose between “Re-read mandatory” or “Re-read NOT mandatory”.


Support! :grin:

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This may not be a good thing if an author made a branching mistake in that episode and needs to repair it. Not getting the points or gains needed to continue by skipping the reread would mess up the branching in future episodes.

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They should make it an option you can skip it if you want to but itll be at your own risk.

Did you even read the post?

Apologies, I misread the last line. I thought it said for the reader to choose, not the author. Thanks for pointing that out so nicely.

Hi! There’s actually a thread suggesting this here, feel free to lend your support and input over there :slight_smile: