FEATURE: No Need to Ask for Story Recommendations for New Shelves

I think it’s crazy how Episode asks for story recommendations every time their is a new shelf that is going to get introduced on the app. This new shelf “Adulting” consists of stories that are way over 10k readers (stories by popular authors). Two of them that I saw had over a million reads. There are only a few stories on the shelf that does not have that many reads. It’s a bit unfair that the Episode platform asks for story recommendations when they know people are going to recommend a lot of stories by popular authors. Honestly, I don’t see the point in asking for recommendations.

There are a lot of less known and upcoming authors that has great stories, and yet they are going unnoticed when a new shelf comes around. Some people to do recommend less know authors and upcoming authors’ stories for new shelves, but obviously Episode doesn’t see it. Since they are making these shelves, Episode could AT LEAST make shelves for less known and upcoming authors. Just saying…


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I agree. They have asked for recommendations for Global stories now and I nominated my story and so did another girl but I feel discouraged when stories with lots of reads are nominated. Some stories being nominated aren’t even global stories. fml :woman_facepalming:

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I agree. What’s the point in recommending stories that are already successful? Episode should focus on smaller authors and help their stories get recognized in the community.

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I know right. It’s crazy. I’m tired of seeing the same authors being featured on new shelves.


I completely agree that there are a bunch of small authors (actually the majority of the community) that are amazing but go unnoticed. I also know for a fact that there are authors out there who are small and produce mediocre stories to get attention for themselves. The thing about this kind of author is that their stories can be so much more, but they just don’t put in the work. Being featured in any way means that you have to put in 10 times the amount of work you were before, and challenge yourself in ways you never thought possible. Popular authors get a lot of hate (ex: people say they don’t deserve all the praise and attention they get, or people write hate mail bc they’re jealous). However those authors spend SO MUCH time (like I mean 10 hours a day type of time) to produce QUALITY content and work they know they can be proud of. When episode asks for story titles, popular authors are often suggested because people appreciate and enjoy reading the story itself. It’s not about how much attention or fanmail they get, it’s about feeling like your hardwork payed off. I’m not saying small authors don’t deserve that as well, all I’m saying is that the popular authors shouldn’t be shunned for get recognized. Also episode knows that they can rely on popular authors to consistently put out interesting and well-lengthed chapters while small authors aren’t always as consistent. I’m a small author myself so I understand what it feels like when you get barely any reads, or don’t get featured, but as a community we have to be as supportive to large authors as we are to small ones

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I agree with you on certain points that you’ve mentioned, and I disagree with some of them.

Can you specify a few?

Yes! I do agree with you at the fact that us authors within the community should support each other whether they are popular authors or not, but I have an issue; popular authors gaining more recognition. I know that many people have different opinions about this subject, and sometimes it’s hard to bring this up. I know there are some popular authors who aren’t “stuck up” on themselves and their stories, however, there are some true and genuine popular authors.

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I agree with this. I’ve never actually encountered a bratty, stuck up, or rude author but I’m sure their out there lol

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