FEATURE: Offline Portal

So I’m not going to have internet for a while and I can’t work on my stories unless I use wifi from somewhere else but it’s annoying to have to do that plus the keypad on my phone is so small so typing can be annoying at times.

I think that Episode should let us use the writer’s portal offline on our phones and computers/laptops where we can work on our stories and test them in the web previewer. Of course, we need to be online to publish but working on our stories, viewing them in the previewer and saving them offline should totally be an update. We should have a program for that.

What do you think? P.S I hope I’m in the right category and let me know if this is a duplicate. Also, like to show support !


Well if you have an iPhone, you can type on safari the Episode Writer’s Portal website in the search box and log into your google account, and type your story from there.

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It works either way for android as well. Just go on chrome or google and type the website for Writer’s Portal.

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Yesss! I went 3 weeks without wifi due to snow and it sucked bc I wasn’t able to do anything. This would be amazing!

Can you work on your story without any internet? :scream:

This is suggesting if you have no wifi, then you should be able to work on your story offline, not how to work on it online going on Google Chrome and typing it in and all that.

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I don’t want to get your hopes up if I’m wrong but, I have T-Mobile and if I turn my Internet off I’d still be able to write on episode :woman_shrugging:t5:.

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Sadly, this doesn’t work for me :confounded:

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Oh, I apologize then :confused:

That’s OK, I appreciate the attempt at help ^^


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I totally support this. Maybe make a computer app for the offline portal?

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Yep, that’s a good idea, we could use a program :+1:

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This would be a great idea, I support it!
But they would need to create an actual application/program that we would have to install so we would be able to work offline which I doubt they would do :frowning:

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