FEATURE: Offline reading


Hey guys!! I hope I’m not repeating any previous topic.

So, EPISODE is basically my life, I’m really obsessed with it!!! But, whenever I don’t have internet or Wi-Fi connection I’m literally crying 'cause I can no longer read any stories … I know this would have happened with you guys too… Like you so badly wanted to read a story but it can’t load cuz you don’t have internet and you really get frustrated… So, I guess OFFLINED READING can be a feature made available on the app… Well, it will be fine, if we even get to offline 5 stories a time just a time breaker until the internet connection is back.
So, what do you guys say do you want this feature to be available on the app,

PS. Hope I don’t sound stupid🙈

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Yes, a feature to temporarily have offline access to a few stories would be nice. If there’s enough space on the device, of course.
This could be useful for reading in flight mode.


yes! you should be able to download content to life an offline or downloaded folder on episode like the demi folder


Like how you can download a show or movie on the Netflix app to watch offline


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Yep, that’s right!!!




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Absolute 100% SUPPORT!!!




I definitely agree but I kinda understand why you need internet. They make you watch adds and new episodes update at least every few minutes. But I will still SUPPORT this idea.










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