FEATURE: Online/Offline Button on Forums


Hey, everyone! Before I start, I want to say that I’m not sure if this is in the right subcategory, but here we go! It’s been really annoying (well, sometimes) when someone DMs me when I’m busy or doing something important. I think when someone clicks on the profile picture to anyone, they should be able to see whether they’re online or not. Now, I know we have the “Last seen” button, but that sometimes doesn’t work. With an Online/Offline button and a Last seen, it would save so much time and energy, knowing that someone is online or not. A “Do not disturb” button would also be cool if you have a meeting or such, so when people access your profile, they know when to contact you and when to not.

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FEATURE: Online and Offline Button

Great idea. In the meantime you can go to a users profile (see screenshot below) and check out the “Last Post” and “seen” times to get a better idea if a certain user is online or offline at any given moment. Thanks!

Also, moved topic to the Feature Request section since you are requesting a feature. Thanks a bunch!


Support! Love the idea!

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I love this idea. It’s helpful for RPs, so that you don’t have to tell every single one you’ll be away.



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YES This is needed

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I like this idea! Definitely, we should be allowed to set things like:

  • Online
  • Not Online
  • Do Not Disturb/On Vacation

Bumping :upside_down_face: this still sounds like a good idea

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You can insert your own manual status like the ones you suggested in your profile. Many other users are already doing this :slight_smile:. Just a suggestion.



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Thanks for supporting!

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Thank you for supporting this!

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support !

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Thank you for your support!



There could be a little circle that changes colors, just like Discord

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Thanks for the support!

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will always support!

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Thank you! Make sure to spread this thread on the forums so we get more support. Who knows, maybe the Episode Forums moderators will consider it!



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