FEATURE: Option to choose character’s settings viewing (visual or listed)


Visual style of character’s features is the new style which we have now.

Listed style is what we had before.

The new style is not usable at all… maybe for some authors. But many would rather see the old listed viewing. So if we could choose the way character’s features are listed, this would be perfect. You agree?


It would appease both sides, so I think that would be nice. To be honest I like the new update because I can actually see what the characters look like. I do feel that it was also nice to scroll through the section, so it would be nice to have the best of both worlds. :grin:


I think it would be useful when you want to request art :blush: it’s a lot easier to just screenshot it than writing every feature


Exactly! I’m working (writing) on phone browser and I can’t even see what are colors called (no hover over colors).


dont like the new way hard to work with


I personally like the new way. But yes, the old way may be easier for others.


just roll your mouse over the color of the skin colir etc. that upu want and a little gray like things will show up it’ll have the name of the color in it, it is how I find out what skin I’m choosing when I’m creating myself in episode


I know, but I don’t think you can on mobile Writers Portal.


Support, as I personally find the new format to more annoying to use than the old one (“OK, I want such-and-such character to use the Taupe skin tone, which one is that again?” hovering, hovering “Ah, there it is. Geez, this is a pain…”).


When the new character editor came out, I personally didn’t like it and now I’ve gotten a little more used to it. I honestly still prefer the listed one though. :sweat_smile: