FEATURE: Optional Reviews


I think it would be great for the community if we had the following things:

  1. The ability to rate each chapter separately in an optional way… so that authors have a star rating for each one of their chapters as opposed to a star rating after chapter 3 (when the story could improve afterwards) that doesn’t do anything at all. This would help authors to see what they’ve done right and what they need to work on.

  2. The option to write a review on each story at the end… and to have people upvote and downvote your reviews. The most upvoted reviews could be placed somewhere on the front of the story for people to read when they are considering starting the story. This will save the readers a lot of time.

  3. The ability to search for stories based on their star rating at the END of the story. This one is interesting because it enables people to find good quality stories and isn’t dependent on getting LOADS of star reviews… just some good ones.

  4. The ability to rate certain aspects of the story… to be able to have separate ratings for directing, plot, characterisation, diversity and grammar.