FEATURE: ORIGINAL Spotlight for ALL Styles + CURRENT Spotlight for Classic (Read Carefully)

** NOTICE: (07/09/18) This post has been updated/edited after recent discoveries with the current spotlight format working with Classic compatibility


When I originally created this suggestion, I was exploring and testing out the Writer’s Portal and I noticed that only the Ink and Limelight styles can be created in the current Spotlight format. We originally were aware that it could not be used for Classic for technical reasons, but thanks to @GamrrGuy, we discovered we can use the current feature for Classic as-well despite it not being displayed as an option. This suggestion was originally intended to bring spotlight capability to the Classic style, which has proven to be capable. But I have adjusted this suggestion for that capability in addition to the original Spotlight format to all styles.

So, what is this suggestion about, then?

My suggestion is to return (not replace) the original spotlight format (not the current one) for all three styles: Classic, Ink, and Limelight, but with some changes/improvements as an alternative to the current spotlight:. Also, to make the Spotlight feature as an option when selecting Classic as it is compatiable.

Here is how it looked like back then:

According to many, this format was removed due to people using innapropiate avatars in these bubbles. Here are some of my ideas in order to change/improve that:

This suggestion is not to replace the current spotlight feature, but to create an alternative. Why? In my opinion:

  • I feel that the current spotlight format is too choppy, while the old format is smoother and easy on the eyes.
  • It will create an alternative for writers who want a simplified writing style without coding knowledge.
  • It creates a fresh option for everyone to use; makes stories more unique.
  • It will give it a more true spotlight feel. The current one is more of a blend between cinematic and spotlight, but the original is full on spotlight.
  • Having this as an option would allow writers to upload their own Spotlight frame, under an official coded format created by Episode so it is smoothly performed rather than scrambling with the use of overlays instead.

Okay, so that’s my proposal to bring back the original Spotlight. Now, secondly, why should Classic capability for the current Spotlight feature be made available as an option when you select Classic?

As you can see below, when you do this as instructed, it is clearly functional…

  • Because Classic does work with Spotlight, so why not make it an official option when you select the style itself? Even if it’s an old style, it still works and is compatiable on the basis of the format. So why isn’t it included?
  • Even on the old forums, it was stated that the current Spotlight is compatible with Classic, so again, why isn’t it an official option when you select Classic? (Click Here for Evidence)
  • When you select Ink or Limelight, you are given an official option to make a full Spotlight story in one of those styles in addition to a mix of cinematic and spotlight from the set format spotlight code. That is the main difference between the two for what I’m suggesting here: for an official option for Classic to make a full Spotlight story, since the mix is already available for Classic.
  • There is no harm in doing so. What exactly were these, “technical difficulties?” As you can see, it clearly works.

Now there was just one bug/problem from this, and it’s a very minor issue. I believe it can be fixed with some adjustments. Literally, the only problem with this was that the male characters were too big for the frames, leading to some of their hair to be cut off the screen. But I propose two solutions to that:

If you want to give it a try, check out the story ‘The B-Team’. What do you guys think? Feel free to discuss this suggestion below.

Thanks in advance.


They already addressed this in the reintroduction of Spotlight, telling us that it was tech issues hat prevented them from being able to make Classic available for Spotlight.


@Lady-Mehek Well, I also discovered something else related to that. The interesting thing about that is that it was working in the beta, as stated by Liz on the old forums and evident from other users (presumably):


Based off of this, I think Spotlight can still work for Classic in some form… the old format (which still works for stories who used it years back if I am not wrong) can be recreated/made available again for Classic instead? Stories such as The B-Team still use the style shown below, fully functional:

I don’t think it should be given up on so easily. There must be another way, unless the original Spotlight format had bugs, which I highly doubt because you can still read stories on the app that had the original style, then that’s a different story.

Bumping this!

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While I appreciate this, I’d appreciate it even more if you not only liked the first post, but also showed your support by posting below! :slight_smile: Also, the style that I showcased above still works in the app which is the original Spotlight format, it just isn’t available to make a story with.

Perhaps it can be recreated and also expand to all styles (Classic, Ink, and Limelight). I believe since Classic isn’t as popular, this suggestion isn’t getting as much support. So, how about this alternative (original) Spotlight for all styles? I think it can work - after all, it’s simply just using pictures/snapshots showing facial expressions and actions, right?

Here are some examples…

Instead of this style, they’ll be in Classic, Ink, and Limelight. In fact, this style could also be accessible (looks like a nice mixture of all styles).

Also, we should have the option to change the background colors of the avatars. I think this would be a lot nicer than the current Spotlight feature. Maybe we can make this style “Basic Spotlight” and the current one “Advanced Spotlight”. Basic Spotlight would be easier, while Advanced Spotlight would include animations and slightly more directing with that kind of thing. It can help new authors get started and give an additional option.

I’m not giving up on this suggestion that easily, so… what does everyone think? I have provided substantial evidence and reasoning for this proposal, so if you have an idea to contribute, please share below as well and show your support! I am more than willing to hear you out.



I think the reason why is because EPISODE isn’t making things for the style anymore. They even mention it when you go to select a style.


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@Res Correct, but my suggestion is to return that feature (the original spotlight) for all of the styles, including Classic, with some changes.

If you want to test out how the original Spotlight was like, I suggest for you all to give The B Team a read. I feel like it’s much smoother and less choppy than the current Spotlight style, but I’d like to know what other people think of it as well.

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If memory serves me right, they removed Original Spotlight because people were uploading less than appropriate art into those bubbles since that was a feature and it led to issues.


@Lady-Mehek I see. If that’s true, then a revamp of it may be a nice idea. Two that I can think off of the top of my head are:

  • 1. Episode can require for the avatars to be approved after uploading them, just like they do with backgrounds. The advantage is that the avatars will directly go through Episode, reducing the risks of inappropriate avatars.

  • 2. Episode could make a cropping feature on the Writer’s Portal, where the animations of only the character’s head/shoulders/torso are suspended and severed like a sprite sheet so you can pick which facial expression animation you want. The animations would be the same name, but each frame would have a number or a letter at the end to make directing easier…

As for character customization, it would not be available for original Spotlight (or Basic Spotlight as I like to call it.). Would only be available for Advanced Spotlight (or the current Spotlight that’s for Ink and Limelight). I only say this because I can’t think of a way or an idea for this idea to work with customization but if someone else does then feel free to post below lol

Feedback and new ideas are always welcome, so feel free to share and discuss something below. :slight_smile:


support :^)

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You CAN get spotlight for CLASSIC

type in your script:

set format spotlight

and it will work

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@GamrrGuy Wow, that is amazing- it worked for me! :smiley: Thank you so much for letting me know about this. I thought it was not possible due to the feature not being presented as an option when you choose to create a Classic story, unlike Limelight and Ink, which I find a little odd since it’s functional after all. Then again, I sort of suspected it was possible in some form, considering it was originally working in the beta version. I just never knew how until now.

With that being said however, this suggestion is to propose the idea of returning the original Spotlight format to Classic, Ink and Limelight, with some changes - see above for some of the ideas that I proposed. I’d like to know everyone’s thoughts on it.

Yah no probs I was playing around and found it out and I prefer the spotlight u were talking about.


They did that, people were nasty and then started uploading nasty stuff. and then it got taken away.

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It isn’t an unknown style, it basically like what they did they were just stock characters that were already uploaded, you could upload the picture and do what you suggested, almost all of it actually, and if you went into the character creator you got into each of the characters’ bio or whatever that thing is called and instead of changing their looks you could upload facial expressions or other pictures in there!

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That is what it had! It even went through the approval process…I think…

@Trying_To_Help Right, but surely there could have been a workaround. And even now, one can be developed to prevent that if Episode decides to revive this style, such as the ones that I’ve suggested. I

That makes a lot more sense. Thanks for clarifying that; I didn’t know about that before. :slight_smile:

So with this suggestion either they’d have to be approved after uploading, or Episode could simply not use custom avatars for the Spotlight style and instead have avatars created automatically based on the character appearance - you know, something like a snapshot of several animations/facial expressions that the author can use. That could prevent the abuse of this feature.

Overall, I think this Spotlight is a lot smoother, less ‘choppy’, and simplified than the current Spotlight feature. I’m not saying to replace it completely, but to have this Spotlight as an alternative. I think the negatives (such inappropriate abuse of these custom avatars) can be ironed out by proper software and ideas, such as the ones that I’ve provided.

If anyone has any thoughts on this idea or a suggestion, please feel free to post them below.


They took out the feature, but then scaped the whole style, it was a story type to honest, as you could upload any style into it. After they took out the feature, it may as well have been a style since the drawing looked absolutely nothing like the other styles at the time. :confused:

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@Trying_To_Help Yeah, when I initially took a look at the style, it looked like a heavily enhanced version of the Classic style (mainly the shading and painting of the hair and the overall art looked similar to it), but that’s just me.

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However you can use it, I still had stories in it but i might to draw their facial expressions as I don’t have too many pics or screenshots of them with different faces, I saved them and then uploaded them as an overlay, I can screenshot my stories in it. so then it would only be a matter of editing.


Or the characters made I it, at least.