FEATURE: ORIGINAL Spotlight for ALL Styles + CURRENT Spotlight for Classic (Read Carefully)

I loved this spotlight. It would be really cool if they brought it back!

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From what I remember, the only reason Spotlight was taken down was because it was unpopular. I didn’t know there were other reasons… :thinking:

Anyways, if INK and LIMELIGHT can have spotlight, why can’t Classic? Support!

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@alphard It turns out that Classic is able to use the current Spotlight feature, but strangely enough it isn’t presented as an option when selecting a style. It’s probably for a good reason (maybe glitches, but the way @GamrrGuy presented this method, it doesn’t seem so) but it seems to be working, though. No problems encountered so far.

UPDATE: I can no longer update the main post, but as I’ve stated, we recently discovered that it’s possible for Classic to use the current Spotlight style. So to clarify for everyone, this suggestion is to revive the original Spotlight feature with some changes/improvements for all styles; see previous posts for examples and leave your thoughts below! Don’t forget to like the main post if you support this idea. Thanks for all your support.


Support 100% :100: all the way! :clap:

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Bumping this. Now that we can edit posts regardless of how old they are, I have updated the main post better support the narrative and suggestion itself. Be sure to like the main post and comment below if you support this suggestion so Episode can notice it. If you don’t support the suggestion, post below why you don’t. Regardless, if you have an idea to improve the original spotlight format, please comment below! Thank you!

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Bumping this again. If you tried to click on the link I provided in one of the early posts, it won’t work due to the old forums being deleted.

But thanks to Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine, it’s available for access, and you can see that it was announced and confirmed by @Liz that the current Spotlight format did work for Classic during the official beta test of the current Spotlight:


With the addition of the current Spotlight format actually working for Classic from the set format spotlight code, this leads me to believe that it is possible to officially grant Classic an official option to have the style be presented in the current spotlight format. I haven’t seen any bugs, or glitches that is preventing this from happening. But if someone does, please feel free to share it on here.

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Support, all the way! :heart::two_hearts::slight_smile:

I rarely venture into the other sections of this forum but a miraculous link led me to this feature suggestion and I absolutely support it :clap::clap::clap: Please, Episode, bring back the old Spotlight style (for all character styles). Give the writers in your community the option to focus more on the writing and choice branching aspects of their stories. I want to see more gems like Black Absinthe and The B-Team on Episode.


There you have it: even more evidence that supports this suggestion as to why the current Spotlight feature should be made available as an official option for Classic as well, just like you are offered it with Ink and Limelight.

It is clearly functional, as you can see.

Now, I did discover one problem. The male characters are too big for the frames, leading to some of their hair to be cut off the screen. But I propose two solutions to that:

1. Lower the Classic male avatars so their head can be fully seen within the Spotlight frame.
2. Increase the boundaries of the Spotlight frame so it supports all style’s skeletons and characters. (this is more likely seeing as they have stopped updating the Classic style, but not Spotlight itself…)

Edit: Re-posting this since the system locked my post. Don’t know why it did.

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I support this idea. I don’t think I will want to use either kind of spotlight, but this would be a good option for writers who don’t want to place characters or try to find the right animation for their characters all the time.

Also, I’m wondering what the old spotlight looks like in stories. Can you list all the stories you know of that use the old spotlight?

@Greebabubba Thank you for your support.

The one that I know currently is The B-Team by MeMyselfAndI and there was another one but I can’t remember the name very well. If anyone knows some others, feel free to share so others can get a feel of it as well. :slight_smile:

EDIT: The other story that I couldn’t remember is called .:BLACK ABSINTHE:. by Kay Elle.

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I love uittttttttttttttttttttttttttt

Giving this thread a bump.


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Are there any existing old spotlight stories that look like this instead of the other one below?

@Greebabubba Yeah, but unfortunately most of them don’t work. For example, there’s an original spotlight version (including several versions) of Read Your Mind by Velouria Sanders, but the frames don’t appear as they should on the app. Here’s a screenshot of how it appeared when it was still available, though:

(Screenshot from episode.wikia.com)

Well I mean the one where their heads don’t stick out and it looks less vivid.

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And I saw the “I Read Your Mind” story in the original spotlight format, and it seemed to work just fine.

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