FEATURE: Outfit Creator & Publisher

Hey Episodians!
I’m currently working on a story & I need a certain outfit, but as we can’t use hidden/special outfits, I thought about publishing our own outfits. It can be public or private.

PUBLIC: Other writers can use
PRIVATE: Only you can use

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Have A Good Day,
Maya :blonde_woman:t3::+1:t3:

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as cool as it would be this is not how the app works. the clothes has to be programed to move with animations. its not just drawing a shirt and upload it as an overlay

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It could be like the sims 4. All clothes work with animations, we would just need meshes. Sure not could make it, but the people would could would. And then it would be like a download thing.

But I agree it’s much more work than people think.


yes but it works diffrently. sims is a 3d animation where as episode is 2d. the diffrence is that 3d is like a doll you can come clothes on it and when you move the arms and legs the clothes moves with. mean it while 2d is like a drawing on papir.

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That is true.

I don’t support this, it’s a lot of work and def not gonna happen. Plus each style has a certain style of what the clothes should look like.

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Duplicate topic closed. Refer to original CLOTHING: Creating and Uploading to show support for this request! :smiley: