FEATURE: Outfit Fixture In Script

While coding, aren’t some of you tired of making an whole new outfit to take off an item?
Maybe if this added, it won’t be so bad…
@remove [item_name] from [character_name]
@remove Collared Bow Tie Shirt Untucked Cotton Red Rose from NENA
This feature will come along with a little tab that says “Clothing Items” Like how overlays, backgrounds, and ST are divided.


Oh, I‘d love this! How is it possible we don’t have this feature?! :astonished:

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Yes, thank you! This feature would also come with adding clothing!

It is very difficult to keep going back to make various of outfits.

Support! :heart:

It would be exceedingly useful in a variety of differing outfit changes- dressing games may as well be a lot easier to create, as the reader can tap a specific option and match it with anything!

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Bump! :wink::heart:

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This idea is amazing! Why haven’t I thought about that?

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