Feature: overlapping of skin details

The ability to overlap skin details that are in the same area. Like right now certain piercings disappear if a mole is near that area or a tattoo won’t show up if you use the hairy arm/leg or the pacemaker scar. I wish that wasn’t the issue because I would love my character to have a scar, piercing, beauty mark and tattoo all at once in the same area. In reality, people have multiple skin details in the same area like someone can have a mole, acne and scar on their face. This should be possible when creating characters as well. I hope this makes sense.



I once tried having the eyebrow piercing and the nose bridge studs at the same time, unfortunately you can only have one.
It would be nice to be able to add multiple items in the same area at once.

I mean, when characters with facial jewellery or (old) scars get injured in our stories… we currently have to remove their current scars and facial jewellery in order to add a fresh scar or the bruised face. :unamused:

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That’s the worse. It’s interruptive to the story and the look of the character.

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