FEATURE: Overlay Relative To Screen

It happened to me twice so far- I needed to play with the zooms but I wanted the overlay to stay where it was relative to the camera. For example, when I used the recording overlay and wanted the camera to zoom in, I had to shift the overlay but it didn’t look too neat- you could see that the overlay was moved slightly.
We should have a command that can glue an overlay to the camera, not only to the x y of a scene. It could be so much easier and neater that way!


Yes! This would be so cool

Actually, there already is a way to do this. All you have to do is create the overlay using ui instead of overlay when creating it. For example:

&ui OVERLAY create
&ui OVERLAY scales to % %
&ui OVERLAY shifts to X Y in T
&ui OVERLAY opacity % in T

Just note that if you want the overlay “glued” to the screen, you can’t add it to the scene along with the background line like you would with normal overlays. You must use the create command.

Though this is a very late reply, I hope it still helps. :sweat_smile:


OMG you’re a life saver! I can’t believe I didn’t know this by now! Thank you! <3
One question- can you make a ui tappable?


No problem, took me a while to figure it out as well!

As for tappables, I believe you can make it one, yeah.

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YESSS! One of my favorite authors have mentioned this before and I’ve been looking for thissss! Thank you!!!

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Are you sure this command is free to use? It’s not written anywhere on Episode tutorials, therefore I understand that’s hidden asset and as that can’t be used. :woman_shrugging:t4:

Besides, how is it possible for overlay to move by itself?

It’s free to use and it’s not hidden. It’s in the tappable overlays guide.


And tappables are given to us by Episode?

As far as I remember, only one girl shared it, which wasn’t even beta tester. And it’s still not given to us by Episode. :heart:

Yes everyone is allowed to use tappable overlays. The guide was emailed to a certain number of episode authors for beta testing (I myself included) and we were free to share the guide with anyone who wanted to participate in the beta testing. When that “one girl” posted the guide, I emailed Epsiode and asked if it was okay to share the guide publicly and they said it was fine.

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I do understand your point Dara. :heart: But understand mine - I don’t trust Episode’s decisions unless they’re written publicly. :smiley: I came to doubt what I can use or not. They also knew for sharing hidden props on forum, or backgrounds, and they said nothing. So until they write on Forum that we can use tappables, it’s only logical to believe we can’t usem them till then. :heart:

I just used it in my story and it works perfectly. It’s free to use :blue_heart:

They would have taken down the topic on it if it wasn’t allowed. I’m pretty sure it ok to use.


me either