FEATURE: Pause button when previewing


Every time I want to add a different scene with character and overlay spot placement I have to add the following to the script:



@pause for 1000

Both ways can be really annoying, The first because you can push on the wrong spot and all your placement is gone, and I even had 1 time I used the @pause and also lost all the placement because it continued… That is why I would really love a button that you can pause the story when previewing.
It makes it a lot easier to decide on overlay and character placement, because you wouldn’t have a speech bubble that annoys you and you can take your time!
And it is also a useful feature to double check only animated scenes.

FEATURE: Play and pause in webpreviewer

Bump, because I am still in favor of this feature!


Yes, this would be so helpful!


This would be helpful




Support 100%.


Would this pause button also be able to pause animations?


Yes! I guess that that is possible!


Bump bump bump :grin:
This is a great idea!




is suuuuuuper annoying. lol




I can’t believe this suggestion’s been here so long without getting looked at. It’s no luxury if you’d ask me, it’s a time-saving- and essential feature @episode ! I just made this suggestion yesterday, because I thought no one had made it yet, but it’s already been made so long ago!

Btw, I think it’d be practical if we had a separate feed for ‘luxury features’ and ‘writer portal essentials’, that way it should be easier to get priorities straight. Not that I’m not happy with new animations or hair&clothing, but I’d rather first see the writing portal working efficiently so I can make my stories in a reasonable time-span than taking days and days to make my first episode, while new clothes get added in and having to take a look and perhaps change those again too. It’s cool, but if you want your story to be up-to-date with the new features, it again takes a lot of time adding in choices for clothes in the right places (since it can only be done with ‘@’ and not ‘&’, so it can cause a slight pause in loading a scene, which would also be something to consider: make all commands -well except the transitions, there’s no use for them having this possibility- including changing into clothes/hair or adding props usable with the ‘&’-command so scenes can develop smoothly, but yeah, I’m totally getting off track rn, sorry :sweat_smile:).

In short: this feature suggestion is a necessity to us writers and no luxury! I also set some ‘demands’ as to how it would be most useful to us here .


S u p p o r t


THIS WOULD BE AMAZING! I had to put a loop in my stories so I could go back to the beginning, as well, when testing the response to choices I’d implemented. :clap:


Support, it would also help with capturing desired animations (I print screen the characters for overlays and sometimes I have to re-read the scene many times)