FEATURE: Peek on script button on reading story


If we would have a button to peek on the script of the story we currently read, that would help us a lot to understand some harder directing scenes and we would learn easier.

Of course this button would be good for registered writers - creators while reading other stories, and not to common readers.

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I think that would be amazing especially for the “low” and unpopular authors!!
I know loads of commands but it’s putting them together that I struggle with, so seeing the popular, “good” authors work would be amazing!
So YES!! I SUPPORT THIS!!! MAKE THIS A REALITY @EPISODE (ok this isn’t instagram and that isn’t their profile :joy:)






Hmm I LOVE this idea but would it be while your reading the story? If so it will distract the reader and it will get in the way of screenshots. I think it should be in the portal and episode can pick advanced stories (if permission is grated of course!) So if that would happen then i’m in.
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In my suggestion it is meant in the app while reading the story. But this feature would only be available for creators/writers and not for ordinary readers.

Button to peek would be there, but clicking on the button is optional. Click it if that doesn’t distract you from story, it’s completely your choice :smiley:


Well I would like to peak at evil Ebboni’s But i take screenshots for my Instagram just ruins the mood. So if we can do it when we aren’t reading the story would be a safer route. (the reason why I mention screenshots is because a bunch of EPI CREATORS take screenshots like these…


But I do love the idea of using this feature but not while I would read it would ruin the amazing plot the author set for the readers!