FEATURE: Picking gmail or fb user to log in


So, I have a suggestion. It’s actually really tiring to log in to another different gmail or fb just to log in to the writer portal.

Since I am using a family computer, we all have different gmail acc. When one’s log in and I have to visit the portal, I have to sign out and use my own acc or just basically sign out and not use the acc

Please give us options to pick a user in writer portal, so that we wouldn’t have to sort things out and waste some time.


when that happens i always do Incognito Tab hehehe but i totally get what you mean i have like my personal gmail…my school email…etc etc.


It’s actually really annoying to sign out when you have to visit the portal and sign in again if things are actually fixed. Basically, it’s just back and fort :confused:

Though that’s actually really clever :grin:

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I’m slightly confused on what your issue is.

Do you logout of gmail (google), or log out of the writer’s portal and log into another account?

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I get what you mean

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I have to log out of gmail so that I can log in the portal in my OWN account and not somebody else :relaxed::smiley:

Episode will only feature this if it gets lots of likes not comments. Just to let you all know.

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Ah. On google, you can log into multiple accounts.

On the writer’s portal, when you log in you should have the option of which account to select.

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Exactly :slightly_smiling_face:

This is already a feature though. Which is why I’m confused on what you want them to add.

Um… That doesn’t answer my question.

What do you want them to add?

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The option to pick a certain user in the writers portal without logging in/signing out of gmail.

This shows 5 accounts, which are logged in on a family computer.
I logged out of two to show the writers portal.
You can see it gives you an option on which account you want to sign into. Make sure the checkbox is not checked. Every time you log out of the writer’s portal, you can select which account you want to use without logging out of gmail.

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You can’t do that if you are using an IPad or a tablet and using the writers portal

Okay, so like. I feel like I haven’t explained the whole situation thoroughly and I should let things be explained

as the image above has 4 gmail accs. And 1 gmail acc is also using a writer portal, which means that 1 gmail acc is a user in writer portal. And another is my own acc that is using a writer portal. So if 2 gmail accounts are using the writer portal, then both accs have their own writer portal acc with their own different usernames and different content.

above is own by the other gmail acc, so the username is Irish D

And the other is own by another gmail acc, so the username is Denize

(Be alarmed the the 1st example is an old account or username or etc of mine.)

If you are automatically signed in to gmail with the others account then you are using the others writer portal acc.

U have to sign out and log in to your own gmail accountor probably leave the gmail account blankjust so you can log in to your own writers portal.

What I’m suggesting is that you will have an option to choose which gmail acc user in writers portal, wether if It’s gmail account #1 or gmail account #2 without logging out of your current acc or sorting things out in gmail, simply choosing on which acc in the writer portal.


this is a great ideal look to pick a gmail user name in writers portal without sorting things out with gmail. In my own device if you aren’t logged in to any sort of acc then you will have to choose your gmail acc in writers portal.

If you still have any sort of questions or explanations, please do pm me :slightly_smiling_face:

Please inform me if this message is confusing. I am confused while writing but I made it more clear and understandable.

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Makes sense. Does this only apply to devices, besides computers?

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For me, I think it applies to both phone and computers… Idk about the laptops :woman_shrugging:


Me when I see you, my heart goes:

BumB!~ :heartbeat: