FEATURE: Play and pause in webpreviewer


So I was just writing a story in the writing portal and there were a few animations running one after the other without any narrating to pause them. It then occured to me that I would love it if I could pause these animations at any time without adding a @pause moment in the script. Then within the pause moment inscreen on the web previewer I could see if there are any mistakes I missed before and if needed I could zoom out and take a look leisurely instead of thinking: ‘I’m not sure this is working the way I want to. Let’s watch the whole thing again for the umpteenth time with another pause added there and there’.

There are a few demands for this feature to actually be helpful, though:

  • The pause/play-button should not block anything inscreen and should be on a bar below the actual story screen so no mistakes can be overseen because of it;
  • The pause/play-button should not disappear when hiding debug features, for it does not interfere with the story visuals;
  • Within the pause/play bar should be a button to turn on debug features even after the author shut them down, so they can choose to change zoom or conditions, etc. and find mistakes they need to fix.

I believe this feature if executed accordingly would be a great help to all authors and save a lot of time directing stories.

Anyone facing the same problems I do, please like this post and feel free to add more suggestions/corrections below!


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FEATURE: Pause button when previewing

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I already made a topic for this: