FEATURE: Playlist/Mood Sorting For Sounds And Music!

So this has been on my mind for a while now, and so I thought I’d share a few features that, as an author, I’d love to have.

When generally browsing for sounds and music to use in my stories, I find that having to write it down on my digital notepad and then copy and pasting it into the script is a bit inefficient. Having a set playlist for your story with your favourite music and sounds you use frequently would provide useful, and adding the option to create more than one playlist would be even better, because you can have playlists for different moods for when a specific scene comes on. Tragedy? Look to your Sad playlist and find the fitting tune! Fluff interactions? Happy playlist is your go-to!

Another feature that could probably replace the one above is sorting music and sounds into mood categories, like Sad, Romantic, Scary, Happy etc. This would probably help us find the right tune for the story quicker and would be extremely helpful for newer authors who probably don’t have their favourite sounds yet.

I think these would be small but useful features and personally, a game-changer for me.


support <3

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there is some topics here on the forum there catagorized them, I use them a lot.

Background Music Categorized [BOLDED MUSIC IS NEW] - Creator’s Corner / Directing Help & Tips - Episode Forums (episodeinteractive.com)

Music Categorization from the Writer’s Portal - Creator’s Corner - Episode Forums (episodeinteractive.com)


Support. Having playlists/a sorting feature would be fantastic.

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OooooOOO you’re a hero! Thank you! :smiley:

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Late, but support this! : )