FEATURE: Plus Size Wish/Wantlist

That was the first thing I noticed and I totally forgot to add it to my list!

sigh It’s been a long day and it’s only just begun. :roll_eyes::woman_facepalming:t5:


Same thing with freckles. I don’t understand the logic for that.

Oof, I see that you added it.


School Uniforms (The sweater vests with the emblems)


I think sweaters (long sleeves) and hoodies would be nice too. The crop top turtle necks are so cute, and I would love to see the plus size characters get some or at least one. The hoodies? I love hoodies. So, I would love to see those.

Ooh! The gray sweatpants that the males have would look so good with the new body shape.


Yessssss!!! Hoodies are a godsend and I liiiive for crop tops as a PS!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’m patiently waiting until everything gets updated before I even start on adding plus size characters to my story. I need them to have more that 12 fits to change from. Good thing my work isn’t published yet. :thinking: I’ll probably wait until Ivy has been out for a minute to publish my wip’s.:woman_shrugging:t5:

Yes please!!! :woozy_face::heart_eyes::woozy_face::heart_eyes:

If you have any special wish, write one by one suggestion in a “feature + art suggestions” category. :heart:


We also need school uniforms and business attire because a lot of stories are set in schools and also the tattoos


Is there one available, because I did search for a similar topic before I made my thread and I’m still kinda new to finding different topics - and the forms usage.

It’s one of maim categories:


Post your suggestion (1 suggestion in 1 thread) in one of subcategories. You’d probably choose Art + Animations.

But before you do, read the rules of that category, so that your suggestion isn’t deleted. And check that something like that wasn’t already suggested.

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Thanks hun! I appreciate it! I’ll check the rules out before I make my request. Appreciate it.

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I did, but they closed the thread bc wrong place. Tbh these forums are just too complicated

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I don’t think I’m following, you want these requests right now or faster? I’m confused.

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In general. I know that a lot of the list is pretty much obvious items that the Generic Females have accessibility to, but that doesn’t mean the Plus Size will have them too. I saw in the original thread that there are some items that just won’t work for the curvier models - too much clipping. I’m a pretty patient person so I’m in no rush for the items, but this is just a small list of things I’d like to see for our big girl’s. Whether that be in the near future or farther out. :woman_shrugging:t5:

Big bump!!

There’s no formalwear at all for the plus size women. I understand that not all existing clothing can be transformed from one to the other, but my story involves fancy parties and it’s kinda hard to do that if some of the characters don’t have fancy clothes.

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YES!!! We definitely need so more evening wear!! Hopefully we get some conservative looking ones, as well as dresses that show a little more skin. I really want a couple of Pantsuits too!!!


Support, please?


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