Feature: Png Background When You Click On view on an Animation

I think that when you click on that eye button where you can see the animation, it should be png instead of a white background. That way, when you’re making a cover you can just save the animation/picture and just put it in the cover instead of having to crop it. This will make it easier to make a cover. They had this for the original I think, but When they switched over to INK they made it a white background instead. I would like this to be for both INK AND LL

If you support this idea leave a like :heart: and comment support or something


yes that is true…and they should give the whole picture so you can create a screenshot to make afterwerts a story cover.

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Yeah they really should, it`s so hard to make a cover When you only have Half The character

Maybe a option for both? So you can still change the background color. (Like it is right now.)

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