FEATURE: Potentially Removing This Screen

Hi everyone! I just want to start by saying that I’m not sure if I’m in the correct category so if a moderator feels that they need to change it, by all means please do!

So I’m sure authors and readers alike are very familiar with this screen:

I’d like to suggest that the Episode team removes this screen for the following reasons. Authors update when they can but this screen encourages readers to send them a fan mail about it even if the author has already indicated that the story will be continued. At the moment, authors have no control over whether or not this screen comes up but I know that many authors would really appreciate if it didn’t. It adds unnecessary pressure to authors who try to update when they can. Authors’ fan mail sections are riddled with “Are you continuing,” “When is the next chapter coming out,” and “We’ve been waiting, when are you publishing” which are incredibly discouraging . Yes, we could turn off our fan mail, but then we would also be turning off the opportunity to interact with our readers.

Obviously we can’t stop these messages altogether, but I think removing this screen at the end of chapters or at least giving authors the choice to have it or not would really help with this.

What do you guys think?


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Ok thank you!

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I feel like 75% of my fan mail is “please continue”


Support! And how the message repeats :roll_eyes: I mean just take us back to the shelf after one time.



Not just that but there is a message that pops up saying “The author may or may not continue this story…” or something along the lines of that. Because of the message, I’ve read a lot of authors complain about how the readers can’t seem to understand the fact that the author will continue the story, especially if they had a message that confirmed the continuation at the end of their script that they know the reader had to read to continue.




i definitely support this








Yes, authors should decide what to put in the end of the episode/last episode of a story.

If the story ended, they can put whatever they want, or if they want people to use the Q&A…