FEATURE: Preview to work on tablet and phones


Hey. I’m Winter. I was helping out @Star_girl87 and we (or me lol) really want the character and outfit preview to work on tablets and phones. It would be so useful.

Like the comment and support to get this noticed by the Episode team!

~ Winter xx


I agree. It makes it really hard to do on phone through website when the previews don’t work


I’m support you Winter!


I agree. We can do everything else on our phones, so why not write stories for episode on your phone? There would be more people writing stories more frequently, so in the end, the readers get more new stories and episode staff don’t have to write as many stories. TBH I really want to write a story for episode, but I don’t have a computer or internet, all I have is a smartphone. Please let this get noticed! I would love more than anything to live my dream of writing a story for episode.


Yes we do! Thanks Winter :slight_smile:




Make sure to like the post! :wink:


Hi! There’s actually already a thread suggesting this here, feel free to lend your input and support there :slight_smile: