FEATURE: Preview Without Saving


I’m not sure why we aren’t able to do this. It seems to make sense that there should be a quick preview option without having to save what you’ve added to your script.


I don’t know… saving is important as it allows you to see if you have any script error. Moreover if you do have some, you won’t be able to preview the story.


I’m not saying there shouldn’t be a Save & preview button, however, I think there should be an option to preview without saving. This wouldn’t change the current setup. It would just add an additional option.

Often times I don’t want to save, I just want to see how something looks.


yEs! I’ve been trying to redo a scene & I’ve had to create a new story to test my new version of the scene so I don’t reset my current progress. This is annoying and completely unnecessary.

This feature would making everything so much easier.


I think it would be a good thing. Saving can be annoying, especially when it takes a long time to do so. I do think it should ask whether you want to save before previewing, just like it does when you’re closing the window(Of course it’s your internet browser that does that, not Episode, but still)


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