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Hey :wave: so we have a promote your story section but that is only for read for reads. You cannot post it in there if you are not doing a read for read. I’ve been here for some time and didn’t know read 4 read was a must have of that section until Sydney clarified it, thanks! :blue_heart:

Inspiration behind this post:

Originally my friend had her thread in promote your story:

However since no read 4 reads were involved, it was moved to Share Feedback. But MidnightMaiden isn’t looking for a critique, she simply wanted to promote her story as entertainment and post updates about it.

This is why I propose we have a new category added in Community- something like promoting my story where we promote our story in the very first post without read 4 reads and feedback, just for enjoyment and post updates on our story as well as screenshots :heart: :crossed_fingers:


It is?
These are the only rules there that I know of:

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It’s actually not. My friend messaged Sydney and she was notified that the thread was moved to share feedback because she was not doing read 4 reads. Sydney said the best place is Share Feedback if you don’t want read 4 reads. But the thing is she is not looking for feedback.

Also thank you for linking but I read through that as well!


Tysm for supporting!

I already told you but to clear confusion with others, if no read 4 reads, then it’ll go to share feedback. Which is why we need a category to be dedicated to just the OP without the need for a feeback/review or read for reads :blush:

I hope I put this thread in the right category :sweat_smile:

I support! But I think this should go into the misc feature requests?? Idk. :skull:

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I think there’s some errors, I’ve seen tons of promotion threads in promote your story section and they’re not even R4R

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Support! (:

So have I. But apparently it’s not allowed. My friend decided to close her thread. She did not feel Share Feedback fit her topic since she was not looking for a review. She asked for it to be put back in promote your story because she just wanted others to read for fun as well as post updates about her story on the thread and did not want others promoting their stories on her thread, asking for read 4 reads but unfortunately it wasn’t moved since she was not doing read 4 reads, for that reason. This is why I suggest this, so people who don’t want reviews or read 4 reads can have a place.

I debated between them, I hope I chose right but I probably didn’t :joy:


I guess we’ll see if Sydney moves it or not but thanks for the post because I honestly had no idea about the R4R rule. :flushed::heart:


Np and yeah I didn’t know about the rule either and I’ve been here on the forums since 2018 :joy: :lol: ty for the support everyone :yay:

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I support this, of course! :black_heart:

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Support!!! By the way this thread is in wrong category! It should be in #feature-art-suggestions


I agree we should have a section for promoting

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Just seen this sis. And no doubt I got your back on this because I was really confused and upset.

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Title: Caffeinated Deception
Author: Dos_official
Episodes: 4 (ongoing)
Genre: Romance and Drama
Style: Limelight
Story Description/ Plot Summary: She’s a world-renowned mafia boss. He’s a barista at her favorite cafe. What happens once their worlds collide? It’s a story full of lust, desire, betrayal, and caffeine.
Link to the story: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5015552113967104

Btw there is two authors. Please read and enjoy.

We are doing R4R btw.

This isn’t a “promote your story” section. This is a suggestion thread; and they suggested another “promote your story” category


Thank you @juliewrites

@makingepisodestories it is really rude and disrespectful to post without reading the first post of the person who made it. Can go over this: Read carefully what the User is Looking For & Please stop promoting your stories everywhere

And thank you to everyone else for supporting :heart: