FEATURE: Props tab in the Art Catalog


Well… I think the title says all… Please like and support






The prop lists are in the library in the script editor, why would we need to waste a section in the art catalog? You can already view them from library in the script…


But we have to go through and click on every prop to see what they look like. Wouldn’t it be easier to see them all in one thing and it wouldn’t be “wasting” a section. I’m sure a lot of other people would appreciate it.


There really aren’t that many, and after you go through them all once, you pretty much know what each one looks like. (Limelight has more than Ink, because most of Ink props come with the animations)


Still, some people may find it useful.


I support. Or maybe add it to the art catalog and enable us to upload our own props, like we can with backgrounds and overlays!!!




that would be an amazing idea!!!


support this.




La bump