FEATURE: Prosthetic limbs

What I mean is it would be really nice if episode could release some prosthetic limbs and/or have the ability to have characters without certain limbs? It would be more inclusive for those with amputated limbs.

Example/possible idea. When creating characters, there could be options where some characters have missing limbs and then when you create outfits there could be prosthetic limbs for when the character puts the prosthetic on/off? Something like that. Thoughts?


:thinking: There is actually a similar thread for prosthetics:

I don’t know if your thread is different enough for it to remain open but I like your suggestions for how they may do them, so support!

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Oh? I wasn’t aware that there was a topic already made about prosthetics. I’ll leave mine up for now?

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Duplicate thread closed. Please refer to the original linked by @schittwriter to support this request. :smiley: