FEATURE: Publish a certain episode rather then all of them at the same time

As we all know, when we hit the publish button on our stories, it will publish all of the Episodes there are at that point. Well what if we can select a certain episode and hit publish on that certain episode? But it has to be the episode after a published episode, meaning that you cannot publish a random episode because the order would be messed up. For example you have published episodes 1 and 2. You can only publish episode 3, you cant publish 4 or 5. When you publish episode 3 THEN it allows you to publish 4. Then 5. And so on. But episodes 4 and 5 are considered to be drafts until you publish them. Idk if yall understand this lol :sweat_smile:



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I’m a bit confused, you can’t publish just one and two, and why would you publish 4 before 3? No hate at all, my pea sized brain just didn’t understand that well.

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i’m trying to understand. you can publish all the episodes that are written as long as there are over 3 episodes written

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Yeah same

My problem is I originally published my story in 9 parts, but compiled and condensed it into 3 longer episodes, and now I can’t delete episodes 4-9. When I reposted, it insisted on republishing all 9. I went in and removed the content except for


But I don’t want people wasting their tickets on episodes without content.