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Who, LOVES Rainbows?! I personally do, it’s also like my favorite color!! But Episode has like NO rainbow anything…It kinda sucks cause there is SO much potential, like what if we used leg warmers and headbands to throw like an 80’s costume vibe, and what about different layered ombre hairstyles to use in costumes and stuff…I would LOVE that and I think it would be amazing if we had that kind of stuff to use…Think of all the different outfits you could make!! Like a shirt saying happy on it with a rainbow for you always positive character?! Cool right?! Reply any other rainbow themed things you’d love to see in Episode!!


I don’t wanna be rude, but I disagree.

We don’t need lots of clothes to support LGBTQ in our stories. We can use our characters to tell a story of themselves being LGBTQ. A clothing item would do nothing to really support it.


I feel like even if they weren’t it could be used to be shown how much they support their friends and family, or it could be used to surprise another character…

But, we don’t really need much of it.

Hair is waay too extra…

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I agree with @epi.alyssaa
Then, I mean, you know, there isn’t only the rainbow flag in the LGBTQ community…


No offense,

But shouldn’t this be titled Rainbow instead of LGBTQ everything.

Just because the LGBTQIA+ flag happens to be a rainbow doesn’t mean that everything that happens to have a rainbow appearance to it means that it represents the LGBTQ community.

For example, If I were to wear a T-shirt with a rainbow on it, Does that mean I am part of the LGBT community?

I would change the topic IMO


This topic is not here to discuss our opinions on the LGBTQ community. It is to show support for the Op Topic. Please stay on topic or risk this topic being closed. Thanks!

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Your totally right so is @epi.alyssaa


@epi.alyssaa I agree with what you’re saying, and I can see how some authors would abuse this feature just to showcase their story’s diversity. However, these could be used if the characters visit pride events, for example. Colorful hairstyles don’t have to be exclusively for LGBT+ people, they could be for costumes too. We don’t necessarily ‘need’ the bright pink or deep green hairstyles but they’re still there because they look super cool.

@southampton23 I don’t think the mod of this thread (Disney correct me if I’m wrong) means that the rainbow clothing would have to be worn solely by LGBT+ characters. Also, LGBT+ clothing isn’t just rainbow - it’s blue/pink/white, pink/red/white, pink/purple/blue, etc. Though these patterns could work for LGBT+ characters, that doesn’t mean that cishet characters can’t use them (nobody owns the rainbow, it’s just symbolic).

I think these hairstyles are pretty cool. I’ll support them. They’d look great on LGBT+ characters and cishet characters. These would just add an option that could be interpreted as LGBT+ pride or just as a colorful hairstyle.


I agree with you! I think rainbow clothing would be a nice addition but I don’t believe it should be called LGBT clothing.

Also, Doesn’t this thread have to be formatted correctly?

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