FEATURE : Random Button to Create Characters (IMPLEMENTED 5/11/18)


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This button would create a character with a random outfit, and a random name.

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That would be helpful. I don’t exactly have a whole lot of time to make too many background characters for scenes.


I believe we have that already :thinking:


do we?


Something like that, yes.
If you, while writing a story, type in a character name, which is yet not created, after saving the chapter you’re prompted to create it. I believe there’s an option to get a random one, but I’m not quite sure. I never tested it! :heart: :heart: :heart:


to my knowledge the character is a default character.


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You are right it is a default character when you do that, I’m guessing your meaning a new random character that’s not a default one right?




Yes. I have seen that before. In fact, I’ve found three ways to create random characters.

  1. “Script Templates” in the Writer Portal (INK/CLASSIC). If you click on a script template, a random character can generate. That is only if you leave the option on “INK/CLASSIC FE/MALE”

  2. Select the “Character” button > New Character > type in a name w/out selecting a character> then, click “Create and Save”
    A random character will pop up.

  3. Dialogue. If you write a dialogue under a name you hadn’t created a character for, you will see a window pop up that says, “There are no characters with this name. Would you like to create this character? ‘Yes’ or ‘No.’” Then, a random character pops up in the story.

At least, that’s what I had learned so far.


I know there is an auto - create feature, but personally I hate when authors use a default character for background. Plus, if I want to make like 15 plus people for a school background or something, having them look the same is going to be a pain. I would rather have a random button to create thier looks (and hopefully outfits)


Having a randomize button would definitely help create random background characters to give a story more life. Even though there is an auto-create feature, it’s the same character over and over. With so many options that Episode has to create a character with, there would be tons of distinct random characters in which people could place in the backgrounds of their story.


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PLEASE I NEED THIS! I literally spent almost 2 hours making background characters…


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I believe this was just implemented . . . woop woop, will close as soon as I try it lel


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