Feature: random story section

So I was thinking it would be really helpful if there was a section that gives you a random story. It would be a lot easier to find new good stories that you never seen. I also think once you get the random story you can obviously read the summary and look at the cover and choose to read or not. After reading the first chapter you vote on the story and choose to put in your favs or not.


I agree! I’m kinda tired of seeing the same stuff. There is a new stories section in the user stories section, but episode doesn’t actually check how good they are, and they’re often not the greatest imo.

Support! Maybe it could be based off what the author puts in the tags of their story and it gives you similar tags to whats in your favorites?

If that makes sense, its 4am

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Something like tinder for stories would be cool. It shows you the description and cover(s), you can swipe left to say no, right to add it to your library or tap on it to play.


Looks like this suggestion has already been made here FEATURE: Random User Story! Make sure to like and comment to show support for this request. :smiley: