FEATURE: Randomized Character Creation

I think a randomizer for characters and outfits would be a great feature. Is Episode already working on this?


Kind of. If you put a non existent character’s name in

ex: @RANDO stands screen left in zone 1

into your script a screen will pop up to ask you if you want to make this a character. If you select “randomizer” it will randomly generate a person. You can also select what sex they are and what their display name will be ect. Just try it and you will see one I’m talking about. I also believe there is a portal update about it on the forum which you can find. It’s super cool and I use it to create all my background characters.

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@NaturallyK, Not sure if this is what you’re looking for, but we already have a request for a automated outfit creator: FEATURE: Automated Outfit Creator.

Please let me know if the link posted by @Littledoubt and the link posted by me answer your questions about these requests. If so, I can close this topic for you. :smiley: