FEATURE: Randomizer for Characters

I wish there was a randomizer button for when you’re creating background characters for your stories. It would make it so much easier, so that all of your characters were really different. Who agrees?


You can already do this though… there just isn’t a clear button for it. But you can use the randomizer when you add a character you haven’t added to your library yet in your script and save the chapter.


Oh I did not know that! Thank you. :slight_smile:


@amberose I swear great minds think alike :joy:

But, I believe there is already a thread on this.


There’s no link-
U just write your story on the writers portal and then add a character name u already don’t have in ur script in all caps and the randomizer should come up after u save

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Closing this since it looks like this is a duplicate request, or a feature we already have. :slight_smile:

I did find a link for a similar request: FEATURE: Randomized Character Creation